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Journal/Book Articles Authored


(2023)                    Chapter: The Irreducible Forces of Home: Ensemble Art

                       Practices of Parent/Artists during COVID, in 'Creativity in                        a Time of Covid-19, Pub. Royal Anthropology Institute


(2023)                    Article: 'A Story Told Through Shards: Walter Keeler                                  Ceramics' Ceramics Art and Perception

(2022)             Article: 'Conversations About Life with Clay' NCECA

                       Journal, Pub. NCECA


(2020)             Article: 'The Storyteller: the Woven Narratives of                                        Natalia Dias Ceramics' Ceramics Art and Perception

(2019)             Article: 'Pacing the Perimeter' Ceramics Art and Perception

(2018)             Article: 'Material Presence' CCQ

(2017)             Book Chapter: Petre, K., and Livingstone, A., Ceramic                                  Reader, 'Civic Ceramics

(2016)             Journal Chapter: ‘Drawing into Practice’, Journal of Visual                          Art Practice, Volume 11 Issue 1

(2014)             Article: Drawing Partnerships and Bento’s Sketchbook                           by N.Mayo and C.Glynn TANT publishing


(2012)            'Drawing and Making’, by Kyra Cane, A&C Black 

(2011)             Catalogue introductionPlacementexhibition, Oriel Davis    

                       and Fife ContemporaryArts

(2010)             Catalogue introductionPorcelain Another Wayto                                      accompany Porcelain Another Way symposium, Poland

(2010)             Paper published by Savanna College of Art, USA Making                            the Creative Process Visible

(2009)             Article: Claire Loder,Maybe its Maybelline Ceramic                                  Review International Journal

(2009)             Article: Linda kieft, Dreams and VisionsCeramic Review

(2008)             Review: Pamela Lueng, Ceramic Review,

(2007)             Review: Michael Flynn, Ceramic Review

(2006)             Review: Catrin Howells: Mythologies’, Ceramic Review

(2005)             Review: Claire Curneen: Succur’, Artist Newsletter

(2004)             Guest Editor & Contributor: The Human Condition,                                     Ceramics in Society Journal

(2004)             Article:Philip Eglin’s Multilayered Iconography, Philip                              Eglin’s Ceramics’, Ceramics in Society

(2004)             Article: A vantage Point between Past and Present,                                 Richard Slee’s Ceramics’,Ceramics in Society

(2004)             Article: The Expression of Flesh and Skin, Natasha                                  Mayo’s Ceramics’, Ceramics in Society

(2003)             Article:The Role, of Narrative in Claire Curneen’s                                    Ceramics, Kerameiki Techni,International Ceramic Art                                  Review

Workshops and Events:

(2023)             Flightlines: The Bits that Don't Make the Story, Co-

                       Authored lecture with Dr CJ O'Neill, Stephanie Rozene and I

                       Ina Kaur, International Ceramics Festival


(2019)             Devised and organised the Restating Clay: Ceramic

                       Communities conference

(2019)             The Poetry of Clay' a collaboration with Christina Thatcher

                       exploring correlations between ceramics and poetry

(2017)            'Sensory Anthropology' a collaboration with photographer                          Toril Brancher

(2016)             'Beyond Borders' interdisciplinary event to raise awareness                         of asylum.

(2016)             FLUX: Art Society and Responsibility: Discussion                                     forum: Cardiff MADE

(2014)             Sounding Objects a collaboration with Bethan Frieze                                   exploring correlations between materiality and sound: Craft                           in the Bay

(2014)             'Drawing Parental Conversations' a participatory project                             spanning 18 countries, artists using drawing over the                                    course of a year to converse with their children.

(2014)             ‘Drawing Partnerships and Bento’s Sketchbook a                                     participatory event at the ‘Thinking With John Berger’                                    conference in collaboration with the School of Education,                              Cardiff Metropolitan University

(2013)              Five day Drawing workshopsSocial Potentials of                                       Story Drawing a collaboration with Valley and Vale                                       Community Arts at Betws Primary School, Bridgend

(2013)              Drawing workshopsDrawing Conversations together                                with Chris Glynn, V & A, London as part of HEA seminar ‘                             Teaching and Practice’

(2013)              Convened, Chaired and Presented work atDrawing In-                              Between: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Drawing                               Seminar and Associated Exhibition, Cardiff Metropolitan                                 University

(2012)              Chaired Symposium Placement: Ceramics                                                 Connections collaboration between Oriel Davies Gallery                             and Fife Contemporary Art & Craft

(2010)              Round Table Workshop: Teaching Material Arts Through                           Post-‐Material MeansSTLHE ‘Creative Teaching and                                 Learning: Exploring, Shaping, Knowing’ Toronto, Canada


Conference Papers:

(2022)              Flightlines:The Bits that Don't Make the StoryNCECA:

                        Current, Cincinnati, US

(2021)              'Creativity in a Time of Covid-19, Joint conference

                         of Royal Anthropology Institute, Folklore Society


(2019)              Restating Clay: Ceramic Communities Conference

                        funded by CoCA

(2018)              Civic Ceramics: CAID Conference

(2018)              Re-stating Clay Conference: Conversational approach                             to Skill Share Centre of Ceramic Art


(2014)             Parental Conversations: Towards a New Domestic                                   Culture’ presented as part of the ‘Thinking With John                                     Berger’ Conference

(2013)              Paper: ‘Thinking Through Drawing’ at ‘Drawing In-                                   Between: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Drawing’                                 Seminar and Associated Exhibition, Cardiff Metropolitan                               University

(2011)              Paper: ‘Drawing as a Cognitive Tool’ at the ‘WIRAD                                   Drawing Symposium’ Swansea Metropolitan University,

(2010)              Paper: ‘Visual Studies: Drawing in Ceramics’ at the ‘                                 Drawing in Education Symposium’ Kingston University,                                 London

(2010)              Paper: ‘Making the Creative Process Visible HEA  event ‘                         Creative Teaching and Learning Conference’, Sunderland                              University

(2010)              Video: ‘Making the Creative Process Visible for                                         conference ‘Innovations in E-‐Learning in Art’, Leeds                                       University

(2010)              Video and presentation: Virtual Learning in Art for ‘E-‐                                Learning in Art’ conference Savanna College Art, USA

(2010)              Paper: Innovations in Teaching’ ‘Galway Symposium ‘                               Creative Thinking Conference’ Galway University, Ireland

(2010)              Paper: Teaching Creativity” Research Informed, Teaching                          Conference’ Staffordshire University

(2010)              Paper: Ceramics and Virtual Learning NCECA, Florida,                            USA

(2004)              Paper: Practice and Reflection II Frome Arts Centre

(2003)              Paper and discussion: The Gendered Figure’, to                                         accompany the exhibition ‘The Female Form. Craft in the                                Bay,Cardiff

(2003)              Paper: Expression of Flesh and Skin, Theory in                                         Education Aberystywth International Arts Festival,                                         Aberystwyth

(2002)              Paper: Craft in the 21st Century: Theorizing Change in                               Practice, University of Edinburgh, Art College

(2001)              Paper: Theorizing Practice: A Research Culture for                                   Ceramics, University of Westminster, Harrow

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