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Global Studio

In a time of social isolation be a part of a new ceramics counter culture - a global sharing of narratives that surround ceramics processes and skills - lets build something new and celebratory in this time of uncertainty!

Hospitality of Making

How can we teach our students about meaningful interaction with objects if we maintain a dislocation between the studio and the everyday?

Vicarious Wednesday

There is an intimacy in skills shared that carries the emotions & frustrations of work mid-process. It is a narrative that encourages an audience to play a role in support, to explore ideas & collaborate in

problem solving.


A study of ways in which a virtual learning environment can extend students capacity to externalise creative ideas by finding parallels between the iterative and developmental activity of creative thinking and social, conversational structures of a website


Durga Puja

Clay is the most poinient and powerful material connects every human being across the globe. ... when you fashion the medium of clay into the human form it carries this meaning with it, containing tremendous metaphoric, narrative power..