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Creative Pedagogy

Relational Ceramics: Finding ways to map traditional skills and processes within a contemporary practice of community and social engagement...

Co- authored with Ingrid Murphy Essay: Augmenting Objects: Using RFID to Promote Sustainable Practice in Art & Design in the International Federation of National Teaching Fellows E-Book 'Augmenting Teaching Excellence Embracing the future of Education with AI and Emerging Technologies (in process)

Conference: Multimodal Practices, The Craft Council '50 years: Make First Symposium'

Conference: The Discursive Capacity of Skills, Restating Clay, Centre of Ceramic Art, York

Conference:The Sociability of Clay, CAID Can Ceramics Make a Difference Conference, Stoke on Trent, UK

Devised the Conference: Ceramics Communities: Exploring the Sociability of Clay Funded by the Centre of Ceramic Art as part of the Restating Clay Symposia.

Devised the Drawing Inspirations Symposium, CSAD

Conference: National Council For Education in Ceramic Arts, 45th Annual Conference,Tampa Florida USA. Co authored Murphy.I, Mayo .N, ‘Ceramics in Virtual Learning’ 2011

Presented: Drawing as a Cognitive Tool at the 'WIRAD Drawing Symposium' Swansea University,

Presented: Visual Studies: Drawing in Ceramics at the 'Drawing in Education Symposium' Kingston University, London

Conference Presentation: Savanna College of Art, USA ‘Making the Creative Process Visible’

Conference STLHE, Toronto, Canada “Teaching material arts through post-material means.Designs on E Learning 

Conference: Savannah School of Art & Design Paper Presentation, 'Creative Strategies' 

Conference: Research Informed teaching National Conference, Staffordshire University 

Conference: International Perspectives n Art & Design Pedagogy, Leeds University 

Conference: NAITRL CELT 4th Annual Conference Galway University Ireland “Creative Thinking Re-Imagining the University,” “Experience is learning. Everything else is information” 2010









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Global Studio

In a time of social isolation be a part of a new ceramics counter culture - a global sharing of narratives that surround ceramics processes and skills - lets build something new and celebratory in this time of uncertainty

of Making


How can we teach our students about meaningful interaction with objects

if we maintain a dislocation between the studio

and the everyday?

Vicarious Wednesday

There is an intimacy in skills shared that carries the emotions & frustrations of work mid-process. It is a narrative that encourages an audience to play a role in support, to explore ideas & collaborate in

problem solving.



A study of ways in which a virtual learning environment can extend students capacity to externalise creative ideas by finding parallels between the iterative and developmental activity of creative thinking and social, conversational structures of a website

Durga Puja


Clay is the most poignant and powerful material connects every human being across the globe. ... when you fashion the medium of clay into the human form it carries this meaning with it, containing tremendous metaphoric, narrative power..