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Socially Engaged Ceramics the same time, a relational turn was taking place, fuelled by a systemic interest in the nature of creativity. This shift was timely in regard global events, from the refugee Crisis in 2016 to growing awareness of ecological responsibilities and practice began to pull all areas of concern together: creative thinking, clay, and ethnographic study... 

The Body as Milieu

There is a close association between skin and the expression of thought. When blushing, paling, or sweating we can be, albeit momentarily, taken over by its conveyance of emotion before we are consciously aware of our own feelings, what Connor describes as ‘thinking through the skin’ 


The Fragmented Figure

Interpreting Ceramics Issue 8

Making Small

...and we come together in this space to explore connections between the patterns and tendencies of spoken conversations and the patterns and tendencies of conversations with clay, to better understand how the practice begins to sensitize those involved to the nature of human interaction, and act as a register of the ‘smaller stories’ in the details of shared experiences.

"Making Small Talk' a Collaboration with Kim Norton, Sam Lucas and CJ O'Niell

Relational Ceramics

This interest in the materials sociability has arrived at an opportune time, promoting not
only a rich well of potential ideas but more importantly, a more responsive, synergetic practice between art and life that could inform its sustainability.

CoCA Restating Clay:
'Ceramics Communities' 2019

International Residencies / Interactive Workshops / Lectures / Premier Screenings H
aptic/Tacit: Language of Clay Cautionary Tales from the Archive, Clay Networks: Digital Workshop, Fabcre8

Participatory Practice

Traditionally art and art theory is monological...once this process becomes social, the 'aesthetic' is considered more as a form of knowledge relevant & communicable amongst a collective or spheres of understanding. Art practice becomes about the social articulation of aesthetic experience.


Ceramic Values 'Can Ceramics Make a Difference?' 2017

Collaboration with Artworks Cymru
Conference, toolbox of Approaches to Participatory  Arts Practice

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Beyond Borders


Storytellers / Musicians / Illustrators Poets / Sculptors / Writers Archaeologists / Geologists / Historians each drawing parallels between the movement of the earth and the movement of man to encourage debate about journeying and asylum


FLUX: Art, Society and Responsibility 2016