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The Body as Milieu

There is a close association between skin and the expression of thought. When blushing, paling, or sweating we can be, albeit momentarily, taken over by its conveyance of emotion before we are consciously aware of our own feelings, what Connor describes as ‘thinking through the skin’ 


The Fragmented Figure

Interpreting Ceramics Issue 8

COVID Folklore

In times of crisis new forms of sociality emerge, new and renewed rituals and customs are forged. This cultural shift is most often underpinned by creativity, by more adaptable and intrinsic modes of practice that emerge from the gaps between art and life. As our stories of lockdown settle into folklore it is time to reappraise the domestic and to better understand the cultural agency of ‘art as it is lived’..

Irreducible Forces 

Third Space

Sensory Anthropology