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Drawing has long been established as a conversational tool, as notation passed between individuals or with larger groups to create an evidence trail of ideas. There is a fascinating sociality to the activity, finding parallels with the dynamics of a conversation, as artists enter similar cycles of inspection, re-conception, and re-examination, pushing ideas forward, asserting focus, and altering original intentions.

Drawing Research

Small Stories From the Lake

The following report maps the first stages of this study from initial interaction with the site of the residency at Niemelä house, E. Finland, and onto a series of drawing conversations with its attendees. The results start to show how, as a particular field of the visual arts, the drawing process can be shaped by situated ‘small talk’, reflected in equivalenthesitancies and utterances in emerging and growing ideas, and in turn, how narrative analysis can be used to interpret and explore the sociality of drawing taking place. 

MAA/Ground Residency Finland

Pictorial Language

It is, of course, a mindset universally pursued by artists,the hope that through their observation of, and sensibility to, material surroundings they might pries open new ways of seeing and be able to follow where they lead. 

Drawing Inspirations Exhibition and Symposium

Drawing Partnerships

they entered into what Mithen claims is a prerequisite mind set for creativity: the ability to combine and fluidly move between social, technical and more deeply rooted evolutionary domains; not least of these being  aesthetic appreciation.

Thinking with Berger ConferenceTANT Publication


 Spanning 8 countries from Wales to Puerto Rico, Russia to Singapore the aim is to conduct ‘living research’, exploring ways in which parents can collaborate and converse with their child through the activity of drawing

Bentos Sketchbook

Social Potentials
of Drawing

The traversing of real and imaginary worlds is of key importance, the fluidity of movement between modes of thought encourages the most responsive creative thinking.

Valley and Vale Community Arts