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Ceramics in Conversation the same time, a relational turn was taking place, fuelled by a systemic interest in the nature of creativity. This shift was timely in regard global events, from the refugee Crisis in 2016 to growing awareness of ecological responsibilities and practice begins to pull all areas of concern together: creative thinking, clay, and ethnographic study... 

Small Talk: Conversations
in Clay

‘Small Talk’ examines the sociality of clay on a nuanced level, by applying approaches commonly used in the practice of Oral History, to devise model of co-construction that can sensitize those involved to the nature of human interaction, and act as a register of the ‘smaller stories’ in the details of shared experiences.  

Collaboration with Kim Norton and Sam Lucas

The beginnings of taking 'Flightlines' into clay

Life with Clay

an approach that moves beyond the focus of the studio, in accounting for creativity that includes the entanglement of multiple, interconnected demands such as those of family, social / community, or wider global/ecological events. 


Snippets from conversations during ICF and soon to be transferred into a podcast series

A Life Told Through Shards

it occurred to me that you really enjoy how stories thread themselves within and around objects, so I was hoping we could use the ceramic shards you have collected since childhood, as a timeline to explore your life with clay, how they each contain their own histories and continue to influence your ceramics …

Article for Ceramics Art and Perception on Behalf of
Llantarnam Grange

Interview conducted as part of Walters solo show at Llantarnam grange Arts Centre

Material Presence:
a Poetic Turn

To explore the metaphoric potential of the work I wove points of reflection, pauses in proceedings where I could repeat salient words/phrases, and read passeges of poetry/prose prior selected to illustrate points. The audience were further encouraged to draw and write in response to this in small sketchbooks which they scanned and emailed to me after the event.  

critical positions


Meaning can be teased from an artwork simply by shifting the frame from which view it.Taking each of the core positions commonly used in art analysis: Semantics / Formalist / Phenomenological / historical / psychoanalytical we draw out the narrative potential of Claire Curneen's exhibition 'Passages' her first Wales based solo exhibition.

Interview conducted as part of Zoe's solo show at Llantarnam grange Arts Centre