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Material Presence:


Poetic Turn



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Fragmented Figure

To explore the metaphoric potential of the work I wove points of reflection, pauses in proceedings where I could repeat salient words/phrases, and read passeges of poetry/prose prior selected to illustrate points. The audience were further encouraged to draw and write in response to this in small sketchbooks which they scanned and emailed to me after the event.  

Meaning can be teased from an artwork simply by shifting the frame from which view it.Taking each of the core positions commonly used in art analysis: Semantics / Formalist / Phenomenological / historical / psychoanalytical we draw out the narrative potential of Claire Curneen's exhibition 'Passages' her first Wales based solo exhibition.

The title was not simply a convenience in grouping artists from different places, but embodied the potential of ceramics to reflect and interpret aspects of our environment, society and culture. Taking each artist in turn we set out the diversity of ways in which ceramics achieves this from geology, geography, historical lineage, material values and souvenir.

There is a close association between skin and the expression of thought, When blushing, wailing, or sweating

we can be, albeit momentarily, taken over by its conveyance of emotion before we are consciously aware of

our own feelings, what Conor describes describes as 'thinking through the skin'

The fragmented Figure

Interpreting Ceramics Issue 8