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Ceramic Art and Perception: article 'The Storyteller:

the Woven Narratives of Natalia Dias Ceramics' 


Ceramic Communities Conference funded by CoCA

September 2018

CAID Conference: Civic Ceramics

August 2018

CCQ: article 'Material Presence' Zoe Preece


Acceptance From St Fagans Museum of Welsh Life

to Continue 'Sensory Anthropology: a

Collaboration with Toril Brancher - R&D Grant


RSA Fellow

May 2019

Ceramic Art and Perception: article

'Zoe Preece: Pacing the Perimeter' 

September 2018

Re-stating Clay Conference: 

Conversational approach to Skill Share 

November 2017

Ceramic Reader: article 'Civic Ceramics' Shifting

the centre of meaning

October 2016

Beyond Borders- multidisciplinary event to raise

awareness of Assylum: exploring how creativity can

encourage discussion and awareness of issues too

politicized or complex to raise in other ways


Collaboration with NMW and CSAD identifying

diverse frameworks through which to interpret

ceramic objects to create teaching resource and