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The symposium ‘Porcelain Another Way’ presents a unique opportunity for artists to test out their abilities. 
Its location in Walbrzych, Poland places them in the heart of the European porcelain industry and within reach of politically changed landmarks. Working within one of 3 factories in the area, they subject their practice to its particular firing temperature and routine. The 34th symposium brought together sixteen International artists that it was my absolute privilege to interview.
factoryPiotre Fiadro
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The following videos are interviews in two parts: footage taken in the first weeks of arriving in Poland and footage taken weeks later at the resultant exhibition showcasing the results of the residency  

Within these Walls
Part of
Porcelain Another Way 




Work: Poland

Perhaps this multiplicity, its ability to describe so many things, began with the re-invention of porcelain in eighteenth century Europe. For by the time we mastered its exquisite alchemy, its most basic connection to house and home was all but removed. It was elevated to a heady and unique position, becoming synonymous with human ingenuity, man’s conquering of nature, a product of cultural exchange and economic endeavour. It was immensely desired, the epitome of wealth, intelligence and etiquette, a history that still resonates through the plainest cup to the most embellished and decorated Sevres ware.

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