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Natasha Mayo

Making the Creative
Process Visible
Visual Studies: Drawing resource - National Centre for Ceramics Studies: 


This resource demonstrates eight different strategies for investigating and developing ideas through the medium of drawing. They are not ‘how to do’ projects but rather stratagems which can be dipped into and out of and followed in any order regardless of subject concerns or style, although preferences may occur. 


Illustrated solely through use of students work from both BA and MA ceramic programs at UWIC this resource can be used as both a teaching devise and archive of work and processes. It demonstrates a sample of the potential approaches offered by drawing as a means of articulating ideas but has the capacity to evolve along side new knowledge and technologies as they arise. The ‘Innovative Links’ map-out international centres, individual practice and research into drawing, and ‘Students Work’ demonstrates specific relationships between drawing and ceramic practice​


Example of Practice Arising From Project:
Beginning Approaches:
Responding to an Environment

Students were asked to respond to the environment through drawing. The following film, played at the ‘Beginning Approaches’ exhibition, Cardiff School of Art begins to demonstrate certain connections in the ways in which they evidenced their response including the simplification of information and an exploration of their physical / sensory response to surroundings. 

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