Natasha Mayo

I am a researcher, ceramist and Senior Lecturer at Cardiff School of Art and Design and since 2020 part of ‘Clockyard Studios’. 


Whilst a key concern for artists is innovation conveyed through the final outcome of their work, there are few who take as their subject the experiences and processes of creativity itself; how an artwork begins, how ideas are built upon and driven toward overriding expression. Creative thinking is often taken for granted, a means to an end, used to structure and mobilize other themes and ideas. 


Yet, if we consider what is actually involved in the generation of art, it can become a compelling and enriching theme. We can enter behind the scenes and gain access to an alternative wealth of creative possibilities. 


This examination of creative thinking has led to a dual approach - cross-disciplinary workshops, seminars and writing coupled with my own artistic practice, both testing the boundaries and preconceptions of ceramics to identify more wholistic generative approaches to creativity.